Open Letter to Sicilian people

In the last months the international press has highlighted the news waved by the propaganda tool of the Italian regime regarding threats, extortions, assassinations and anything else of negative and smearing they could bring to the surface in Sicily. All of this while in North Italy social tension is transforming cities in real battlefields with very high crime rates (way higher than those in Sicily) and while in the other regions of South Italy (at the moment ruled by political allies of the present government, it is good to say) the bravery of organized crime is keeping entire areas in underdevelopment and in economic backwardness. L’Altra Sicilia cannot and will not accept that such a situation of disinformation could continue to stain so heavily the image of our island, especially when behind the capillary diffusion of a certain type of well selected news, scheming of a very different nature is hiding and force actions are planned in violation of the most basic democratic norms.

Dear Sicilian brothers, dear Sicilian sisters:

Wherever you are, at home or anywhere else in the world you are sheltering to escape the claws of the regime that is oppressing our Sacred Island, the time has come to unite and to break free once and for all from our enemies.

The regime is wavering under the blows thrown at it by the dignity of the Sicilian People that decided to stand with their heads high. Everywhere in Sicily the number of brothers and sisters that are fighting silently and peacefully for freedom is growing by the day, and even more are joining.

In the last years we had to suffer attacks and smear campaigns of every kind, but now the Sicilian People have chosen to set free of the cancer that is oppressing us and tries to cover its wrongdoings with the help of a political class made up of traitors and the waving of the “antimafia” flags and of organized crime, whose tentacles in reality is moving behind the scenes with the skills of an experienced director.

But consciences have not been tamed and thanks to the modern means of communication the truth is coming to the surface with all its dirtiness. The Italian state, our persecutor, decided to intervene with brute force, threatening the deployment of the army in Sicily to bring back “order” with the excuse of a no better explained and imminent attack from the mafia.

Where are the proofs of such an attack that the mafia is going to launch against the state? The chief antimafia prosecutor Piero Grasso, thanks to whom the arrest of Provenzano was possible, has already declared as all of this is pure fantasy. The authors of the last assassination attempts against a business in the Catania area, shouted an all the media of the planet, have been already arrested. Every day news is coming of important successes of the police force THANKING TO THE COLLABORATION OF THE ENTIRE SICILIAN PEOPLE.

So, why the army? What should the army really do in Sicily? Unfortunately it is all too obvious what the state would like to do: it would like to put Sicily under a state of assault to hit not only the already fragile economy of the island, but also the morale of the Sicilians pushing them back in that nightmare made of violence and privation from which they decided to escape, at the same time hoping in the snapping of exasperated individuals and all keeping ready to use violence, if necessary.

Today the prospect of the army deployment on the island is even closer, after that the traitors came to the open and even the regional parliament could be approving a motion in favor of the deployment of the occupational forces signed by representatives of all the political parties that clearly see in the Sicilian awakening a danger for their heinous carriers.

But all of this shall not bring us despair. All of this is a sign that we are hitting the enemy at the heart and that this is now reacting in an unordered manner. At the same time we cannot stay doing nothing and we must try to avert this danger capturing the attention of all the Sicilians of the world on what is going to happen to their Motherland so that they can discuss it and come to our help expressing their dissents and sensibilizing the public opinion in the country where they live.

You have the strength and the force to do so.

At this purpose we would like to remember to everybody that the Statute of Sicilian Autonomy is part of the Italian Constitution and is itself a pact: that is, it was not conceded by the Italian State, but it is an agreement between two different people and so between two different nations.

Under this understanding the deployment of the army in Sicily corresponds to the violation of an international treaty. UNLESS it is the Sicilian Parliament to ask for it to intervene: our enemy knows how things are and thanks to the traitors is thinking it can act with the support of law.

One last call we do the Sicilian politicians who really believe in Sicily and in the mandate that the electors have entrusted them. And there are many, both in the Sicilian Assembly and in the numerous local administrations: put aside your divisions and rebel to this shameful betrayal! Do not be accompliances of such an horrendous crime.

Rebel and you will be the heroes of the freedom that the Sicilians are now close to conquer. You do not have a choice: if you do not do so, the alternative will be shame, the acknowledgement in front of the people of your inadequacy and of your inconsistency.


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