Lombardo candidate President ?

Bruxelles, 5 november 2007

It can be noticed these days a strange game following which, the autonomist (who knows from what and from who) Lombardo would be interested in becoming a candidate to the Presidency of the Regione Siciliana.

Or, to be more clear, he would NOT be clearly interested, unless he would feel begged to accept such position, according to the usual and most practised retoric of politics.

Or, on a secondary level, not interested, but at the condition he would be entitled to three big “feudi” (oops, sorry, we meant “provinces”) in return.

This is the hope, there not much to be added….

Please take a seat Mr. Lombardo, at the end the D’Orleans Palace has had worse ocupants in the past.

But, as a matter of courtesy, please do not ask to be called “autonomista”.

Yours is an “illegal use of adjective”.
You only have an empty meaning of autonomist.
Your line of sight is not Sicily, but a not so clear “meridione”.

And you know what? we don’t feel “Meridionali D’Italia”, we feel “Siciliani”, or even better, “we are Sicilians and nothing more than that”, if you still remember our father’s language.

We don’t remember yet you going to a battle for Sicily, nor for the defence of our not implemented Statute, nor to avoid its economy to be kept under Italian control and to delete Italy’s colonization, nor for the defence of its culturale identity.

We don’t remember you or any of the representatives of your party who, in political debates, has ever said something “sicilian” (to recall Nanni Moretti) but only unclear statements, very much in line with the DC ones (DC = Democrazia Cristiana).

We don’t see that winning the elctions in Sicily is always followed by the political activities; it is said around that your votes are coming from the worst “clientele”.

You know, we don’t want to be represented by someone who wants to keep the “magna magna” (waste) of the bridge, and it makes of this the only ideological link. Maybe you are autnomous from the traditional parties, in the sense that you turn around everytime towards the best offer…………

Then you have to say it better: Movement for the autonomy to do wathever is more convenient at the moment and not for the autonomy of Sicily, which is a very different thing……..
Be a candidate for the palace, maybe you’ll win……… you know how many supporters you will include in the regional burocacy… a Sicily will cry in the meantime…but at the end it has been crying for a long time….

Francesco Paolo Catania
traduzione dall’italiano di Massimiliano Di Domenico