Adoption of the ”sicilian” autonomy model for the Iraqi Kurdistan

The adoption of the “sicilian” autonomy model for the Iraqi Kurdistan, (as a matter of fact already indipendent for the last 15 years) is the confirmation of what L’altra Sicilia has supported since ever. The Sicilian Satute, so critizicized, with so many intentions to have it changed, is the best way, even though with its limits, to guarantee a Population/Country to have its own sovranity without having to deal with a clear dependance.

Who knows why the Curds, who have been fighting for indipendence for decades even accepting killings of many civils, who knows why they did not adopt the statute wanted by Micciche’, Capodicasa, Lo Porto, Cuffaro & co. Do you remember? The one aborted by the last Government and they consider a model the old and outdated one of 1946? Why? For a very simple fact! Because that one was a real autonomy model and this one is a real fake! Who knows why they don’t even feel the need for indipendence with this statute? Because in reality it is a sort…. of indipendence which doesn’t change the consolidated international balances.

Let’s not touch the statute then! Let’s make sue it becomes known, even in schools, and finally, let’s implement it fully! We will not need anybody we will not need any transfer. We will be a regional state confederated to Italy (above the formal definition of “region”) and, why not, confederated to Europe.

But we would be in fact a sovereign country, just like the sovereignity wanted by the Kurds even though within a soft Iraqui political unity. We would be a real great state island, ideal country for all kinds of economic and social activities, for all kinds of commercial transactions, main door and entrance for Europe instead of always underdeveloped and assisted backdoor, stimulating only the illegal economy which fatally replaces the legal one which on the other hand is denied. Maybe that’s the real reason why the Statute must not be implemented.

Francesco Paolo Catania