The courage of independence

United Kingdom, a union held together strongly and with difficulties, if it’s true, like it’s true that last January 16th, the celebrations for the union went through in silence, no fireworks, neither drinking together at the pubs, especially the ones in Edinburgh where the flag of independence flies, which a victory of a nationalist party has taken out of the inner and out of each Scottish hearth.

First of all Sean Connery, former 007 who has required and received honors from the Queen and then has completely devoted them to the cause he believes in: the independence of his country.

Like William Wallace, the hero of Highlanders independence, more known as Braveheart from the memories of Hollywood, Sean Connery bring a written statement in his shoulder: “Scotland forever”, and to his decractors who accuse him of living at the Bahamas, he answers (at the same time he keeps his crusade for the independence of his country) that when he will see a free Scotland; he will then come back to Edingburgh for sure.

The come back, the myth of “nuàtri” influenced by a clause: The courage of independence.

  • How many Sicilians of the diaspora, departed to make the island great, would accept to decline honors and prizes in the name of the independence of their own country?
  • How many Sicilian politicians, who have had fortune in the north (Rome) would be willing to put everything on the table for a noble cause of belonging?
  • How many of them would have the courage of independence?
  • And how many of us?

In a world where, by now, everything is linked, economy, politics, markets, stock exchanges, the courage of independence is prerogative of few and heritage of fewer

This way, the “incomparable land” 13.900 kilometers of coast, clay, lava, tufa, rock, mountain, pit, mine and valley, remains linked to the continent because stronger link than bridge and ferry boat remain bad behavior, money, politics and own fear.

The “incomparable land” over 6 million Sicilians on this side of the lighthouse, and as many around due to the diaspora, culture, monuments, a rich past, language, traditions, downgraded by the fact of being an Italian colony instead of, like Malta – 300 squared Kilometers of rock, a State –Nation.

But to be State – Nation you don’t need just territory, language, culture, you need people proud of its roots, who is not shy to show its being Sicilian, people who is not forced to suffer bad politics imposed by others, proud and not forced to antimafia, people able to manage its own present and able to take care of its own future.

People who can be anxious facing the strictly needed, in front of the magic of the heart, to the trips of life, to the returns of memories, people who would celebrate for the “Rock of destiny” like the Scottish happy in 1996 to receive back a rock they owned, without any apparent value, but symbol of history and tradition, symbol of a population, the rock of destiny that, was taken with deceit in 1296 by Edward I of England, was given back by the current Queen, maybe to soften up those autonomist pressures that the people of Highlanders was showing always with increasing insistence.

But a proud people is anxious and exults in the fight for independence, and keeps fighting its battle because freedom is a courage conquered slowly, with fight and sacrifices and with the faith necessary for the pride of belonging, the pride of its own roots. So those people keep marching proudly towards that independence from their British stepmother, independence become real and possible, from being just a dream.

Only lat year the Edinburgh assembly has seen the victory of the independence supporters who have proclaimed a referendum in 2010 in favor of separation.

And between independence and autonomy, this is certain, that proud people will surely choose its own sovereignty, declaring themselves Scottish and not British.

And what to say about their autonomy which already includes some of the key areas for a people and for a country, vital sectors like education, health, Justice, culture, sport, agriculture, city planning, which for sure they will want to rediscuss about, not only to gain also Finance and foreign affairs, but also to regain possession of their history, their freedom, and their determination. Only this year Gaelic has become an official language, thanks to the continuous battle of the Irish people. Tomorrow it will be Scottish. And you hear the bagpipe sound which requires the respect of that culture.

When will our island raise its head?

  • How many volcanoes will we have to climb, before the Sicilian language will be considered a language and not a dialect?
  • When will the Statute become real, effective and applied?
  • When will we swap our autonomy for a real independence?
  • Why do we let our young people leave and still we don’t help our old ones to come back?
  • When will we have the courage of independence, us too, like those proud people?

For Sicily, only for the love of Sicily

Eugenio Preta