The need of the myth

Bruxelles, 27 novembre 2007

Within the confusion of the contemporary world, the need of a myth becomes an urgent necessity, obliged periphrasis to focus peoples expectations, to start the debate and to launch a simple but necessary message: “enlarge the area of your consciousness”.

This way, the myth become the need of new generations to gain confidence and move forward, reference to culture, sport civic consent;
L’Altra Sicilia has identified for quite some time this need of a myth, the need of the charm, of the magic, to gain courage and give courage in the daily adventure of its being, in its daily operations for a resurrection of Sicily and of being Sicilian.

The myth becomes then revenge against unfairness and artificial justice, becomes Palermo’s agony and smile of the unknown sailor, becomes need of rebellion against spread corruption, becomes need of change, new fresh breeze among the blow of sultry scirocco.

This page to try to bring clarity and not to tell a simple juridical fact, but to tell the story of a friendship and the difficulties of a sicilian lady, today among the ares of mafia power and juridical corruption.
Follows then the interview of the lawyer Giovanna Livreri, for clarity and moral need.

This Sicilian sister of ours, is a known sicilian criminal lawyer from Palermo, and she grows, in her few spare hours available, the cult of Sicily, the love for the island she lives and suffers daily.

She supported since the very beginning the aspirations of L’Altra Sicilia, she has seen with her eyes and touched with her hands the needs of the sons of Diaspora, she has taken sicilian companies around the world, thanks to a volountary association of young producers, Terre di Sicania, she has embraced with enthusiasm the claims of those sicilian screaming for help, whom printed and sent everyone their monthly magazine: “L’Isola”, with one aim only: make things change, give sicilian people the signal for revenge.

Like every sicilian, Giovanna was not involved in the diaspora of her sicilian brothers, whom like her and like all sicilian within the lighthouse, remember what they are trying to forget: the sacrifice to leave, the “scillaecariddi” of existing, the mirage of coming back.

Giovanna discovered that out of the uncomparable island there was another Sicily full of dignity and devotion, another Sicily working in the far away northern areas, not accepting compromises with anyone, she discovered how important is the pride of belonging, the pride of that flag which L’Altra Sicilia succeded in showing in all the public buildings of the island, after long campaigns to raise awareness, she discovered sicilian communities abroad and their love for their far away land, and as a true persona fromPalermo, she fell in love again with Sicily and the concept of real autonomy.

And she did it strongly, in Sicily itself, for the occasion of the 59th anniversary celebration of the conquer of the statute of autonomy, celebration organized by L’Altra Sicilia in Mazara del Vallo, paricipating and starting a memorable debate on the EU community subsidies to the uncomparable land, in spite of obstacles and threats that the establishment has given her trying to stop an event which the regional instituions had tried to stop with any means.

Giovanna Livreri, became then our Judex, the hero of Feuillade, who reains though involved in a series of responsabilities perfectly built by the system to weaken her strong cosideration gained in Sicily and across the lighthouse.

Politics, try to steal her success and with its mirage, attracts her at the Fair of Messina, an institution close to failure, which was then used just to keep alive the finances of a dead political party but not disappeared yet, clientelism and nepotism, a strange mix of politics and bad behaviour.

She resists and tries again with the Fair of Mediterraneo of Palermo to defeat the animal that sucks blood to the citizens of Palermo. It’s an unfair battle, and she comes out defeated but morally as a winner. And in the meantime she enjoys sweet dreams out of Sicily to strengthen her spirit and come back to battle with a professional affair which soon becomes a juridical affair which be comes a real persecution for her, up to trasnforming her from judge to accused.

They are stories of bad behaviour and political mixes, money and nepotism. Big interests like the methane in the island and not only that, big interests like the treasure of Ciancimino, big interests like the battle between moral and criminality, between state and antistate.

Giovanna doesn’t need these lines to get in charge of her own destiny. She does it and she knows how to do it with the strength of her truths and justice.

Novello Abach, in the battle against the white whale, highlights the battle of men against negative destiny when she wears her toga and her family mother clothes.

A destiny, if only she wanted it, which could give her the possibility to lead the resurrection of Sicilians and the moral and economic revenge of the uncomparable land.

If she only wanted it as much as L’Altra Sicilia, wants it. and the opportunity seems to be always closer.

Eugenio Preta,
Francesco Paolo Catania

Tradotto dall’italiano da Massimiliano Di Domenico

Intervista a Giovanna Livreri*

Comunicato stampa di Giovanna Livreri*

*Document in italian language